2020 Ford Memorial Prize

Applications are now open for the 2020 Ford Memorial Prize, awarded for the best poem in English.


The Ford Memorial Prize was founded in 1916 by a gift of $200 from the Queensland United Licensed Victuallers' Association in memory of Lieutenant S.K. Ford and Corporal T.W. Ford, brothers, both of whom lost their lives in the defence of the Empire.   

The award is open to undergraduate students who have not been twice awarded the prize. The best poem in English (published or unpublished) will be selected as the winner.  The value of the prize in 2019 was approximately $316, designated as books.  

Applications close: 30th November 2020

Judging finishes: 29th January 2021

Winner Announced: Orientation Week 2021

Entries are to be submitted by email to: communication-arts@uq.edu.au

All entries are to include name, student number, phone contact, current postal address, and the program in which you are enrolled.