Media and Production Support (MaPS)

In today’s media landscape, students will be expected to produce digital content including video, audio, and photographs. In order to develop these skills, the School offers the services of the Media and Production Support (MaPS) team: Paul Smith, Courtney Barnes and Evangelene Dickson

The MaPS Team provide training and support in the following ways:

  • Production workshops taught through-out semester.
    • These workshops teach fundamental production skills, train students in the use of equipment available through JACtech and The Adobe Creative Suite software. To view and sign up for available workshops visit
  • Current MaPS Courses include:
    • Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Publishing your online portfolio using Wordpress
    • Audio recording and Adobe Audition foundations
    • Photography foundations
    • Digital Video Production foundations
    • Image editing fundamentals in Adobe Photoshop
  • Face to face support within business hours.
  • Production advice via email or Facebook at
  • Assistance for students interested in expanding their production skills and building their portfolios through the JACdigital student showcase platform.
  • Studio filming in the Digital Learning Space

The MaPS Team also provide a commercial production service:

  • Producing digital content for UQ and external clients for a fee.

For enquiries:

07 3346 8280 (Studio)

07 3346 8246 (Manager)