If you are looking for a suitable supervisor, check in Research on the School of Communication and Arts website. Select the relevant field of study, and then scroll down to locate a list of academics whose research focuses in your area. Research groups, research projects, journal publications and staff contact details are listed.

You will work on your dissertation with a School of Communication and Arts staff member who is knowledgeable in the area of research you’ve chosen. Students often work with a staff member they have already studied with. We recommend you approach a supervisor before the end of the year preceding your Honours enrolment for two reasons:

  • Most staff members are unable to take on more than two Honours students, and  
  • Your Honours year will be much more pleasant and satisfying if you have been able to spend some time over the summer reading around and beginning to define your topic.

Your supervisor will help you choose a topic and a suitable reading list so that by the time you arrive at the first seminar meeting in late February you will be able to discuss your “topic on probation” with your fellow students. (This is not to say you shouldn’t take a holiday!) Your reading might consist of getting to know your primary texts well, and beginning to read pertinent criticism and theory towards your bibliography.

If you are having difficulty framing an appropriate topic or locating a supervisor, please contact the Director of Honours Studies for an appointment.