Researcher biography

Tom's research interests are in production studies of film, television, and new media; audience measurement of broadcasting; and cultural institutions.

Tom O’Regan took up the position of Professor of Media and Cultural Studies in 2004. He has been a key figure in the development of cultural and media studies in Australia and has an international reputation for his screen policy studies related work.

His current research includes:

(1) “Media Transformations” which documents and evaluates the transformation of the screen production industries since 1956 under the pressures of emerging multichannel environments, technological change, globalization and national integration;

(2) “Broadcast Ratings: History and Future” builds on previous research across the performing arts, gallery and museum and broadcast sectors to consider the emergence and subsequent development of broadcast ratings instruments in Australia, USA and the UK;

(3) “Cultural History of Australian Film and Television” is developing a research infrastructure, ScreenLit, for the study of Australian scriptwriters and scriptwriting, feature films and television programs with UQ Research Infrastructure Funding support. All three projects are being undertaken with partners: Drs B. Goldsmith and S. Ward, A/Profs. J. Jacobs and F. Bonner (UQ) and Prof M. Balnaves (Curtin University).

Tom is the co-author of “Rating the Audience: The Business of Media” (2011) with M. Balnaves & B. Goldsmith, "Local Hollywood: Global Film Production and the Gold Coast" (2010) with B. Goldsmith and S. Ward, and "The Film Studio: Film Production in the Global Economy" (2005) and "Cinema Cities/Media Cities" (2003) with B. Goldsmith; and "The Future for Local Content" (2001 with Goldsmith, Cunningham and Thomas). He is also author of "Australian National Cinema" (1996) and "Australian Television Culture" (1992). He co-edited "Mobilising the Audience" (UQP, 2002) on audience development strategies in the arts and media sectors and also several thematic journal issues on cultural and media policy topics. These include issues on “Creative Networks” (2004), “Ratings in Transition” (2002), “Culture: Industry, Development, Distribution” (2002), “International Issues in Media Regulation” (2000) for “Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy”.

In 2002 Tom was elected a Fellow of Australian Academy of the Humanities. He was Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Arts (2010-2011); Head of the School of English, Media Studies and Art History (2005-2008), Director of the Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy (1999-2002, Griffith University) and the Centre for Research in Culture and Communication (1996-1998, Murdoch University). Tom co-founded the media and cultural studies journal Continuum (1987-1995) and was Australia's UNESCO Professor of Communication from 2001-2003.