Researcher biography

Warwick is Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the School of English, Media Studies and Art History, University of Queensland. He has held positions at Griffith University and Central Queensland University. Warwick is a scholar and writer working in the field of continental philosophy and critique and their application to art, film and nature. He is also general and founding editor of Transformations, a journal of theoretical, cultural and media studies. Warwick has recently published With Nature: Nature Philosophy as Poetics through Schelling, Heidegger, Benjamin and Nancy (Intellect/Univ. Chicago Press, 2014). With Nature proposes a new way of thinking about the human relation to nature. The book is a response to the environmental crisis and the thinking that caused it. This thinking sees nature as a resource to be produced, managed and controlled by technological systems and the science that underpins it. The book cautions against taking technology for granted, and proposes another way to engage with and employ technology against itself. In doing so, we can set ourselves on another path, another beginning to think our relation to nature in non-exploitative ways. The book focuses on art and poetics as a means of thinking this other way of being with nature, not against it. Warwick's current project concerns the figurality of film. The project's aim is to resituate film analysis as part of the event of film in our encounter with it, and to release the figural from its capture by characterisation and narration. Figural analysis follows the line of flight of figuration as a resistive gesture in the film's self-unfolding: as the event of film itself. The project undertakes readings of films from the silent era of German cinema, including the films of Lang, Murnau and Pabst, as well as a range of films by Hollywood directors, including Lang, Hathaway and Wilder. The project also examines more recent films including those of Haneke and Malick.