Post-Thesis Fellowships are designed to support HDR students to write up their research findings after they have completed their theses. As well as the obvious good of disseminating research findings, the scheme seeks to support former HDR students as they position themselves for the employment market.


HDR students may apply to hold the fellowship following examination and completion of any necessary revisions. Eligibility is restricted to graduates within one year of their HDR qualification.


Post-Thesis Fellowships will be awarded for a period of twelve months. Extension requests will be considered pending submission of a progress report.


Post-Thesis Fellows will be awarded the status of Honorary Research Fellow (Level A). Fellows will have full library access and card, email and internet access, and some mentoring, to enable the writing-up and publication of research. Applicants are expected to participate actively in the research activities of the School which could take the form of participating in research seminars and reading groups, mentoring a postgraduate student, or a similar activity. Fellows do not receive a stipend.

Application Process

Fellowships will be offered twice a year.  Eligible applicants will be emailed and asked to submit their application by 12 February or 12 August.  Applicants should complete the application form and submit it, along with a detailed publication plan and full CV or HDR Academic Portfolio to by the application date. It is important that applicants discuss their publication plans with their proposed mentor before submitting the application.

The Selection Committee will comprise of the School Director of Research, the School Postgraduate Coordinator, and additional assessors if required.

Selection Criteria

Selection will be based on:

  • The applicant's demonstrated ability to contribute to the research outputs and research culture of the School.
  • The feasibility and quality of the publication plan.

Applicants must submit:

  • Completed application form
  • Detailed publication plan
  • Full CV or HDR Academic Portfolio
  • Examiners' reports

At the end of the Fellowship period fellows will be required to provide a brief report on the goals accomplished during the tenure of the fellowship, including a list of any publications or material being prepared for publication, arising out of research conducted while a PTF Fellow in the School of Communication and Arts.