Why Study for a Higher Degree by Research?

A higher degree by research involves in-depth study and commitment to understand existing information or to develop and analyse new data or ideas.  The processes and research you conduct will result in new knowledge you can contribute to this field of thought.

In the School of Communication and Arts Higher Degrees by Research can be taken in the following programs:

Fields of study in our School include many disciplines such as Media and Communication Studies, Literary and Cultural Studies, Film and Television studies, Writing, Journalism, Art History, and Drama.  We also offer specialist programs in Art History by Exhibition (PhD) and Creative Writing (MPhil and PhD).  Please visit our Research Areas to further explore potential thesis topics and supervision.

Applying for Higher Degrees by Research

Please complete the Expression of interest form and email it to rhdcommarts@uq.edu.au.  You will also need to prepare a research proposal for approval by your prospective thesis supervisors prior to submitting an application for admission and scholarship.  Please note that the English Language Proficiency requirement for international HDR students in the School of Communication and Arts requires an overall IELTS score of at least 6.5 with a minimum of 7 in writing.  Students must complete Advanced Research Methods coursework in the first semester of enrolment so we do not accept applications for remote candidature unless the student already holds a relevant research Masters degree and has successfully completed a thesis and research methods training.