23rd Annual Work in Progress (WiP) Conference
School of Communication and Arts, The University of Queensland
29 and 30 October 2019
Venue: UQ Art Museum, St Lucia

The School of Communication and Arts (SCA) at the University of Queensland invites you to register for the forthcoming 2019 Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher “Work in Progress” Conference.


In his 1981 philosophical treatise “Simulacra and the Simulation”, Jean Baudrillard argued that in modern society, signs and simulations replace reality and obscure truth. This notion seems to hold renewed relevance when considering the modern political and social landscape. Debates surrounding truth, lies, fact and fiction dominate the public sphere, in discussions of “fake news” and the popularisation of conspiracy discourse. Similarly, technological advances in digital image manipulation force us to question what is real, while social media enables the rapid transmission of false information. However, there has also been a simultaneous push towards unearthing, reinstating or redefining the idea of truth. In the wake of postmodernism, scholars have increasingly turned towards theories of affect and the body, grounding truth in the material world. Additionally, social activists have used technology and social media to bring unspoken truths into public discussion, including movements against sexual harassment and police brutality towards people of colour. These technological and social shifts of the 21st century necessitate a critical re-evaluation of how we perceive the world, and how these perceptions may be influenced by misinformation and deception.

We are pleased to be hosting Dr Emma A Jane from the University of New South Wales’ School of the Arts and Media as our keynote speaker. Dr Jane’s research focuses on the ethical and social implications of emerging technologies, and covers topics such as online misogyny, cyberbullying, blockchain, cybercrime and digital mobs.

In addition to this keynote presentation, we will be holding a panel discussion with academics from across a range of humanities disciplines. This Q&A panel discussion will explore the conference theme of ‘Perception/Deception: truth and lies in the 21st century’, and allow us to consider the impact that these ideas have on our society and research work.

Registration for the WiP conference is now open. Registration costs $80 and covers attendance at both days of the conference (including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea), as well as the conference dinner on 30 October. Register here now.

Conference presenters from UQ’s School of Communication and Arts are eligible to be considered for the Dr John McCulloch prize. The Dr John McCulloch Memorial Prize, established in 2011, is awarded to the best paper presented by an RHD or Honours student to the annual Work-In-Progress Conference (WiP). The prize will be a $1000 voucher to be presented at the WiP conference. All students in the School of Communication and Arts, who are presenting at the conference, are eligible. To enter, please submit a 2000-word essay to the organising committee at uqwip2019@gmail.comEntries close on Friday 4 October 2019. For further details, click the button below.

The Dr John McCulloch Prize


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