Premier launches book at the J School

23 Mar 2016

Premier Anna Bligh joined over 100 current and former ABC TV news and current affairs staff at the School of Journalism and Communication on Sunday May 23 for the launch of Julian Mather’s tale of his time as an ABC cameraman The Second Best Job In The World.

Guests included Australian Story Executive Producer Deb Feming, 7.30 Report EP Ben Hawke, journalists and producers Heidi Rexa, John Taylor, Kerry Lonegan, and legendary ABC figures such as cameramen Mick Fanning, Tye Tet Fai and Peter Cook, and editor Steve Rhodes.

Also attending were people featured on Australian Story such as the parents of Scott Rush of the Bali 9.

The event was organized by Julian Mather’s old ABC workmate Bruce Redman, now of the staff of the J School.

The line the Premier quoted from the book which got the best laugh was this: “The ABC is a collection of departments that never talk to each other. They never have and never will. All departments share one common trait: a deeply held belief that if it wasn’t for them the ABC wouldn’t exist.” (p.33).

After the Premier’s enthusiastic endorsement, the author entertained the audience with some magic tricks and a homily. “Where are next generation of camera people coming from?” Julian asked a room of people of had devoted their lives to camera craft. “With camera phones, it’s everyone.”

And with that, the room relaxed with a drink.

From left to right: Premier Anna Bligh, Julian Mather, Michael Bromley

24 May 2010