Kate's (deputy) premier new role

23 Mar 2016

Kate Haddan, 27, thanks hard work and good timing for her exciting new job as the media advisor to the Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney.

Kate was one of the first graduates of UQ's new Bachelor of Communication program, which started in 2003. Kate completed her study in 2005. She “was always interested in studying PR and Journalism and that offered a bit of both”.

After graduating, Kate worked as consultant at one of Queensland’s leading PR firms for four years, before taking on a media role in the Brisbane City Council.

After 18 months at Council, she was considering a career change when Campbell Newman’s media advisor mentioned there was a job going as an ‘advancer’ and events advisor with the LNP and Campbell Newman during the election campaign.

“It was the most fantastic experience and came at just the right time for me,” said Kate.

“After a huge win, the now Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney asked me to come and work for him as a media advisor, which I immediately said yes to.”

“It’s now been about 12 weeks and things are going well. I’m really enjoying it.”

On an average day, Kate gets into work around 7.30am, has breakfast with “the boss” and the rest of his staff (“a nice way to start the day” she says), reads the papers, and reviews all the media coverage that has come in overnight.

“I then write his ministerial media statements, parliamentary statements, organise press conferences, media interviews, tours to the regions (which is where most of his portfolio takes him).”

“I finish the day with the news, and fingers crossed I’m home by 7pm, although sometimes my job’s not that kind to me!

“I have a great boss and colleagues. I’m learning something new every day. I love the portfolio. The Deputy Premier is responsible for some massive projects. I’m very proud to be a part of his team.

“I’m constantly writing in my job and I don’t think I’d have those skills had I not studied my degree.”

Kate has some sound advice for people studying currently, “Study – if you want good marks, you have to earn them. Study something that interests you. Talk to your lecturers and tutors. They’re there because they’re the experts!

“Finally, have fun at uni. My university years were some of my best. I made some wonderful friends at uni. UQ has a great culture as well as first-class courses, so enjoy everything it has to offer”, Kate adds.