Music mag internship turns to paid gig for Steve Rae

23 Mar 2016

Graduating student, Steve Rae is now a regular contributor at Scene Magazine. Steve enrolled in the Journalism Internship (JOUR3801) as one of his last courses and completed a 12 day placement at Scene Magazine.

As Steve is due to graduate with a dual degree in journalism and arts in just a few weeks it has been the perfect opportunity to hone his skills while getting some priceless industry experience. With a passion for music and desire to work in print media, it is no wonder Steve excelled in this field. 

His supervisor, Gareth Bryant was so impressed with his Steve’s skills, he was offered paid assignments by the time his internship had ended. Gareth elaborated on Steve’s abilities within the team, “Steve is at a level where he can integrate into a working newsroom and play an active role. His writing, researching, and interviewing abilities were great.”

At Scene, Steve was lucky enough to interview artists and bands, a skill he wanted to develop. “Those kind of situations, though challenging, really forced me to learn how to keep an interview flowing, sometimes having to take a different approach or think of some new or better questions on the fly.”

While on his internship he was made part of the professional editorial and production team. “I felt more like a contributor or a staff writer as no task was more or less important than another.”

Scene magazine is the weekly entertainment gig guide for Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast with over 1100 distribution outlets.

If you would like to view some of Steve’s work, please see his online portfolio:

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