Indy Clark, Sam Lindop, Elena Block, Elliott Logan | CommArts, UQ

  • Friday 6 November
  • Room 216, Michie Building (#9)
  • 1pm - 2pm

In the last three months Elena Block, Indy Clark, Samantha Lindop and Elliott Logan have had their theses published as books! Join them for a presentation on each of their books followed by a discussion of the life of research after thesis submission.
Elena Block’s Political Communication and Leadership: Mimetisation, Hugo Chávez and the Construction of Power and Identity is a major study of controversial Venezuelan President the late Hugo Chávez which joins up all the elements involved in Chávez’s political communication style: 'hegemony and identity construction, political culture, populism, mediatisation and communicational government'.
Indy Clark’s Thomas Hardy’s Pastoral: An Unkindly May reads Hardy's poetry of the rural as deeply rooted in the historical tradition of the pastoral mode even as it complicates and extends it through Hardy’s heightened awareness of complex communities and the relations of class, labour, and gender.
Samantha Lindop's Postfeminism and the Fatale Figure in Neo-Noir Cinema traces the cinematic history of the femme fatale by also taking into account the lesser known counterparts, the fille fatale and homme fatal. She considers the multifaceted interactions between the histories, origins, and conventions of characters and genres, and the way these interweave in contemporary cinematic interpretations.
Elliott Logan’s Breaking Bad and Dignity: Unity and Fragmentation in the Serial Television Drama, is the first book-length, single-authored study to examine Breaking Bad in detail across each of its five seasons. Logan argues that its design and significance as a television serial both originate from the show's seasons taking shape around a set of dramatic stakes related to the characters' desires for dignity.

What do Thomas Hardy's poetry, cinema femme fatales, Hugo Chávez & Breaking Bad have in common?

Fri 6 Nov 2015 1:00pm2:00pm


Room 216, Michie Building (#9)