A Roundtable on Streaming with Arnt Maasø


Since the introductions of YouTube (2005), Netflix (streaming since 2007) and Spotify (2008), users are increasingly accessing cultural products via streaming services instead of owning them. This on-demand access to vast digital catalogues of works combines technologies and business models in ways that are profoundly shaping cultural practice.

In this Roundtable Arnt Maasø will discuss this shift towards streaming and the major international research project on streaming of which he is a part. Drawing on Actor-Network Theory and Social construction of technology, the STREAM project studies 1) design, technology and repertoire, 2) use, and 3) business of streaming within music, television, film and book publishing. To capture the impact of streaming on cultural production and practice, the STREAM research project combines two large survey studies with qualitative interviews with both users and media managers across the cultural sectors, and innovative software studies and digital Methods.

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Arnt Maasø is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Communication in the University of Oslo, Norway where he teaches courses on music and media, film and television, media history, audience studies and web production. His work is situated at the interface of TV, film, social media, media technology, the role of mediation, and the relationship between interpersonal and mediated communication. He has special interests in music and media (from the phonograph and radio to the iPod, Spotify and WIMP), and sound studies in film and television. He is currently a visiting academic at QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre and was in Brisbane for the Association of Internet Researcher’s conference.