About Interrogating the Theory and Practice of Communication for Social Change

  • Friday 4 September
  • Room 208, Joyce Ackroyd (#37)
  • 1pm - 2pm

This book sets the stage for subsequent volumes in the "Palgrave Studies in Communication for Social Change" book series, that Pradip Thomas and Elske van de Fliert are the Series Editors of, by identifying and analysing the current gaps in the field. It critically reviews the theory and practice of Communication for Social Change (CSC) with a specific accent on the role played by structures in the creation of the discourses of CSC. Thomas and van de Fliert address issues relating to the political economy of international communication and development as the context of institutions and power structures in which CSC operates, and explore the attempts made over time, many in vain, to mainstream CSC policy and strategy. They conclude by arguing how a renewed focus on communication rights can further the belief that CSC practice should serve people's right to have their voices heard and their own goals articulated and pursued.

Pradip Ninan Thomas is Associate Professor at The University of Queensland, Australia. He is a leading academic and renowned author in the areas of communication and social change, communication rights, religion and media and the political economy of communications in India.

Elske van de Fliert is Associate Professor and Director at the Centre for Communication and Social Change, The University of Queensland, Australia. Previously she worked internationally for a range of organisations in research, development and teaching positions. Her main interests are in the areas of participatory communication and transdisciplinarity.


Room 208, Joyce Ackroyd Building (#37)