About 2023 WiP Conference

The School of Communication and Arts 27th Annual WiP (Work in Progress) Conference 2023

Navigating the New World - Reflections on a Transformed Era

The world has experienced a monumental shift, catalysed by the global pandemic, leading to unprecedented changes across all spheres of human existence. As we emerge from the trials and tribulations of the past, we find ourselves in a recovered world, renewed and filled with fresh possibilities. The 2023 WiP Conference invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and introspection as we collectively address the question: What does this new world look like?

In the wake of the pandemic and its far-reaching impacts, we are no longer the same. Last year at WIP, we Spiralled into Spring, resisting, reinventing, and renewing, while navigating the challenges of lockdowns, coping with fears, anxieties, and moments of pause. Now, it's time to take stock of where we stand, to observe the world that has emerged amidst the pervasive ambiguity. What do we see? What do we envision for the future?

This conference presents papers showcasing new HDR research from across the disciplines housed in the School of Communication and Arts, in fields ranging from creative writing to new media studies. These papers represent exciting new directions for the School of Communication and Arts, highlighting the diverse character of our School’s research trajectories.

The conference will be hybrid with in-person and Zoom attendance options available.

Download Program (PDF, 60.7 KB)

Date: Wednesday 22 November

Time: 8am–3pm

Venue: The Writers Studio, Level 6 Michie

RSVP: Due by Wednesday 15 November