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Plagiarism Module

  • Students in all first-year courses must complete the online academic integrity tutorial:
  • If students are enrolled in multiple first-year, School of Communication and Arts courses, they only need to complete the tutorial ONCE (though revision is encouraged).  Students may receive multiple follow-up notifications for completion, though again, they only need to complete the tutorial ONCE.
  • If you have difficulties logging-in to the tutorial, please try the following:
    • Ensure you are using the same login for;
    • Try accessing the module on a different browser;
    • Try accessing the module from a desktop computer, rather than a mobile/tablet (ideally, a UQ computer in the library);
    • Reset your password, and try with the new login;
    • If you are STILL having difficulties accessing the plagiarism module, please contact to arrange for a time to come into the School Office.
  • Completion of the module can be checked, by logging back into and checking for 4 green ticks next to the 4 categories - if you see the below, you have successfully completed the module:

Plagiarism Tutorial