English Literature

“Narrative is present in every age, in every place, in every society; it begins with the very history of mankind and there nowhere is nor has been a people without narrative” —Roland Barthes

In the English Literature major students enter a world of narrative. UQ is the only university in Queensland to offer breadth and depth in a range of courses examining the richness of literatures in English. Students who choose a major in English Literature learn to develop their enjoyment of reading and analytical skills through analysing the influential narratives that have shaped societies across time and place. Students who are passionate about literature, history, and culture often choose the English Literature major, while those who would like to combine literature with other media forms like film and TV (and plan to become English teachers) often choose the English major.

The English Literature major begins with two courses: one in literary classics (ENGL1800) and one in contemporary fiction (ENGL1500). Students then choose from a variety of elective courses in second year, including literary criticism and critical theory, the novel, world literature, Shakespeare and early modern literature, gothic fiction, and postmodernism. Gender and textuality, literary modernism, and Australian literature form the compulsory third year courses that conclude the major.

Students who excel in literature are encouraged to consider an extended major, and to plan for a one-year Honours degree after they complete their BA.

Hear more about this Major from Joy, a recent Bachelor of Arts student studying English Literature and Writing.