Our School values community and is committed to providing opportunities for the community to participate in our research, engagement, teaching and learning endeavours.

Our People

Our people include academics, novelists, professors, screenwriters, journalists; thinkers and producers in areas as wide-ranging as Art History to Communication. With expertise spread across teaching staff, researchers, professional staff, honoraries, postdoctoral and postcompletion fellows; as well as countless visitors and Industry guests; our people add value to our School.

Our Students

We celebrate the diversity of our students, and welcome the richness of their world-views and perspectives. In particular, we pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, their elders past and present, and commit ourselves to furthering the tenets of Reconciliation.  Our students benefit from award-winning and research-led teaching. We benefit from the interests, ambitions and talents of our students which are further deepened and developed through postgraduate study.

Our Graduates

Our graduates have gone on to become famous actors, dramaturgs, gallery owners, speech writers, policy advisers and cultural analysts, to name a few.  With broad skills in problem solving, communication, and critical thinking; our graduates are well-prepared for life beyond University.

Connect with Us

From drama productions and seminars, to reading groups and art exhibitions; there are many ways for the public to see what we do and be a part of our community.  We are particularly open to collaborations.