Writing, Editing, and Publishing (WEP)

Postgraduate study in Writing, Editing, and Publishing locates you in a rich arts environment with a strong vocational emphasis. You will learn how to write and edit academic papers, business documents, fiction, non-fiction, review, and many other genres. You will also gain knowledge about the ever-changing landscape of the Australian and international publishing industries, and will be taught by industry professionals and experts in the field. In the Graduate Certificate of Writing, Editing, and Publishing, you may choose any four courses as a sampler; while in Master of Writing, Editing, and Publishing, you may choose to take a specialist field in professional writing or creative writing, or simply experience a blend of both courses. The Master of WEP requires mandatory courses in Publishing & Professional Practice, and a research component. All students are invited to meet with the Program Director to discuss their aspirations and their options for electives, which include courses on writing for children, writing about the arts, digital media, and creativity. You may also apply for internships at University of Queensland Press, Griffith Review, Harlequin, Wiley Educational Publishing, and many others.

Please note, some courses may enforce pre-requisites: if you have any doubts, contact the Program Director -  Dr Richard Newsome. 

A recent FYA report on the future of Australian workers listed written communication and critical thinking skills as essential for a changing economy. Our WEP graduates are prepared for jobs in writing, editing, and publishing, but also for jobs that may not even exist yet.

Writing, Editing and Publishing