Researcher biography

Kim Wilkins is a recognised expert on creative practice, popular literature, and the publishing industry. She is the author of more than 30 full-length works of fiction, and her work is translated into more than 20 languages globally. Her scholarly research centres on creative communities, such as writing groups and fan cultures. She led the ARC-funded project "Genre Worlds: Popular Fiction in the 21st Century" from 2016-2019, and is most recently the author of a monograph on young adult fantasy and its communities and publishing contexts (Cambridge University Press, 2019). Kim is the co-editor with Beth Driscoll (Univ. of Melbourne) of the Bestsellers collection of monographs for Cambridge University Press's Elements imprint.

Kim is passionate about interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration and methodologies, and is currently engaged with research teams on defence innovation and medical education. She leads creativity workshops for researchers in other disciplines, to help them imagine different perspectives on research problems and their stakeholders. Since 2019, she has served a leadership role as Deputy ADR in the Faculty of HASS, with a special interest in research training and encouraging interdisciplinary connections.

Areas of research