Researcher biography

Professor Veronica Kelly's research interests include pantomime, burlesque and melodrama, contemporary Australian theatre, and colonial star actors and their repertoires.

Her current research includes star actors of the early Australian stage, early twentieth-century commercial managements, gender, nationalism and performance.

She is the author of:

  • Articles on Australian colonial and contemporary drama and theatre history. Specific authors: Charles Harpur, Marcus Clarke, Garnet Walch, Louis Nowra, Janis Balodis, Michael Gow, Nick Enright. Specific topics: recent Australian drama, colonial theatrical culture and performance conditions, Orientalism in Australian performance, theatre reviews in the Sydney Bulletin, glamour postcards sent in Australia, Julius Knight and costume drama.
  • The Theatre of Louis Nowra (1998).
  • Read research articles on Julius Knight the Australian matinee idol (2004; theatre criticism in the Bulletin (2000), J.C. Williamson's production of Parsifal (1995), Orientalism in early Australian theatre (1993); the banning of Marcus Clarke's The Happy Land (1983).

Editor of:

  • Garnet Walch's colonial pantomime Australia Felix.
  • Collection of critiques of Louis Nowra.
  • Our Australian Theatre in the 1990s (1998).

Co-editor of: Australasian Drama Studies (1982-present).