Researcher biography

Alan Lawson's research interests include post-colonial theory and critical practice, especially in relation to 'settler' cultures, literary and cultural institutions, Australia-Canada comparative studies, Australian fiction and Canadian fiction.

He currently researches in two distinct areas.

  1. Higher education policy - especially as it relates to research quality and research integrity
  2. The analysis of rhetorical and narrative tropes in "settler" post-colonial cultures, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.

He has authored:

Patrick White.Articles on Australian literature including Patrick White, Barbara Baynton, George Johnston, Hal Porter, and Henry Lawson.Australian literary criticism and literary history.Post-colonial theory, Canadian literature and literary institutions.Theory and practice of comparative studies in post-colonial context.He has edited and co-edited many publications, including:Patrick White: Selected Writings.The Macmillan Anthology of Australian Literature (with Ken Goodwin).Barbara Baynton (with Sally Krimmer).Australian Literature: A Reference Guide (with Fred Lock).De-Scribing Empire: Post-colonialism and Textuality (with Chris Tiffin).Post-colonial Literatures: General, Comparative and Theoretical Criticism (with Leigh Dale, Helen Tiffin, and Shane Rowlands).Annotated Bibliographies of Criticism of Post-colonial Literatures in English series.