Australian Studies offers students the opportunity to learn about the distinctiveness of Australian culture including Aboriginal and Colonial Australia, the 'swinging sixties', the 'nervous' 1990s, the images, identities and politics of Australian culture in the 20th century and the 21st century challenges of reconciliation, youth culture, globalisation, and race and refugee issues.

Contemporary Australian culture is characterised by its diversity, creativity and international reach.  Studies in Australian Culture brings together key courses in the University of Queensland's BA degree enabling students to focus on many different dimensions of Australian culture - the visual arts, including Australian Indigenous art, literature, drama, cinema, television, and other forms of popular culture. 

Why Choose

By drawing these courses together into a stand-alone minor, students can both focus on particular media or forms of culture and pursue comparisons across the different fields. The minor is suitable both for international students seeking to learn about Australian culture and society and local students wishing to gain in-depth knowledge of Australian culture across various media.

While focusing on what makes Australian culture distinctive and the ways in which we might speak of a national culture in Australia, Studies in Australian Culture also pays close attention to Australia's position within global or international culture networks, its role as both an importer and exporter of culture.

Undergraduate Study Options