Australian Studies

Discover more about the influences that have shaped Australia from the past to present day.

minor in Australian studies will lead you to explore Australia’s past, present and future, taking a deep dive into the nation’s identity, inhabitants, culture and diversity. Whether it’s a passion for social justice or a love for travelling, the career opportunities that come out of this minor are varied and unique. You might choose to make a difference by working on policies to create true positive change for a better future. Or perhaps you’ll set your sights on promoting the beauty of Australia and make your mark in the tourism industry.

While focusing on what makes Australian culture distinctive and the ways in which we might speak of a national culture in Australia, Studies in Australian Culture also pays close attention to Australia's position within global or international culture networks, its role as both an importer and exporter of culture. The minor is suitable both for international students seeking to learn about Australian culture and society and local students wishing to gain in-depth knowledge of Australian culture across various media.