“Narrative is present in every age, in every place, in every society; it begins with the very history of mankind and there nowhere is nor has been a people without narrative”
—Roland Barthes

In the English Literature major students enter a world of narrative. UQ is the only university in Queensland to offer breadth and depth in a range of courses examining the richness of literatures in English. Students who choose a major in English Literature learn to develop their enjoyment of reading and analytical skills through analysing the major narratives that have shaped societies across time and place.

The English Literature major begins with a choice of three gateway courses in the areas of Australian literature, contemporary fiction, and literary traditions. Students then choose from a wide variety of advanced level courses, including literary criticism and critical theory, Australian literature, women’s writing, the novel, poetry, Shakespeare and early modern literature, literary modernism and 21st-century literature.

Further information about the English Literature major can be found here.

Why Choose

The English Literature major provides students with opportunities for both flexibility and structured learning within the discipline. Utilising numerous critical and theoretical frameworks, students read and analyse a wide range of English-language literary works—novels, plays, poems, and non-fiction texts—from medieval times to the present day. Among the teaching team’s areas of scholarly interest are contemporary global English literature; life writing; Shakespeare and early modern literature; Australian writing; modernism; and critical theory. The major also trains students in vital analytical, critical, research, and writing skills now essential in many occupations and professions.