Public Relations teaches students how to manage perceptions and in turn, the reputation of stakeholder groups.

Public relations provides students with the skills required in the profession and practice of public relations, which assists organisations in establishing and maintaining communication and cooperation with stakeholder groups. Students will learn the theories of public relations and communication, understand the importance of the management of stakeholder relationships and reputation, acquire skills in public opinion analysis, learn to identify and manage organisational issues, and develop a crisis management plan.

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The program also teaches the skills required to research, plan, and implement a strategic public relations campaign, from objectives, stakeholder identification, and strategies and tactics, to budgeting and evaluation. Students will gain an understanding of how globalisation and new media impacts public relations practices, and learn about the legal and ethical frameworks for the profession.

Communication and Public Relations Industry ‘Speed-Chatting’ 2016 from UQ School of Communication and Arts on Vimeo.