The AustLit Resource and Digital Research Environment

AustLit is the result of almost two decades of collaborative research and compilation of information about Australian writers and institutions across all forms of storytelling. A network of scholars and researchers across Australia are responsible for creating the most comprehensive record of our cultural history, providing detailed biographical and bibliographical information, full text collections, and specialist research project outcomes. AustLit is a not-for-profit subscription service available in libraries, schools, universities. 

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  • Ms Kerry Kilner

    Director, AustLit
    UQ Research Fellow
    School of Communication and Arts
    Reconciliation Action Coordinator
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Dr Catriona Mills

    Senior Research Manager for AustLit. & Research Coordinator, Auslit
    School of Communication and Arts
  • Mr Jonathan Hadwen

    Lead Developer & Web Design & Development Officer
    School of Communication and Arts
  • Ms Joanne Sawyers

    Senior Researcher and indexer & Researcher & Indexer
    School of Communication and Arts