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23 Mar 2016

As a student in the School of Journalism and Communcation, you are eligible to join Global Connect (GC).

Global Connect (GC) is a student initiative with members from all over the world with the same goals: education, friendship and cultural exchange. GC can be a one-stop guide about surviving in university, or it could be more: learning about different ways of life across the globe, networking with potential future leaders, a character-building experience to last a lifetime.

Launched on 9 October 2008 by the School of Journalism and Communication in the University of Queensland (UQ), GC provides forward-looking students with a platform to network globally. UQ is the first and only university to launch such a concept.

With the advent of technology, a world without borders is what students today will be entering upon graduation. Our objectives are to equip students with a keen understanding of different cultures and international affairs, and the means to distinguishing oneself amidst a highly globalised, competitive economy.

“We may have different religions, different languages...but we all belong to one human race.” - Kofi Annan

Step up to the global stage – experience the colours of the world.


To be a distinguished student organisation dedicated to creating an environment of Learning and Discovery that encourages widespread Engagement with our state, national and international communities.

Mission Statement

To develop values, virtues and versatility in all global citizens.


  • To develop global citizens with keen minds and a shared passion for international relations
  • To promote inter-cultural understanding and networking
  • To help ease the transition into university life for new students, “UQ Experience”
  • To provide a avenue for event management training, a simulated version of the corporate world

Contact Information

Office: The School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Queensland
Location: Brisbane, Australia

The School of Journalism and Communication Level 2, Joyce Ackroyd Building 37 The University of Queensland St Lucia QLD 4072 Australia

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