Rural reporter Melody Pedler

23 Mar 2016

Melody Pedler, 20, graduated from a Bachelor of Journalism in December 2011 with not just a degree, but with two prestigious, national awards under her belt and a mission to promote a better understanding between rural and urban communities.

“I have always known I wanted to be a journalist and I have been fortunate to be able to make my childhood dream come true,” said Melody.

“The greatest feeling for me is being able to give people a voice. Everyone loves to be heard, and to feel important, and if I am able to help someone do this, then I think that is a really special opportunity,” she says.

 “My big ambition is to help address the knowledge gap that exists between rural and urban communities by telling the unsung stories of rural and remote Australia.”

It was this ambition, along with Melody’s technical journalistic skills that won 2011 ABC Heywire Award for Southern Queensland and the JB Fairfax Award for Rural Journalism.

 “Working with the ABC Open and Heywire producers to refine my story enabled me to create a piece I did not think I was capable of and I am truly proud of the result.

She credits a large part of her success to the advice of Brad Turner, Dr John Harrison and Anthony Frangi.

“I will never forget Dr John marching me to Brad’s office to make sure I would apply for the JB Fairfax Award.

“I received sound encouragement and guidance from these industry professionals throughout my degree, and I will always be grateful.

“Anthony’s supervision during my internships also helped me to make the most of these practical opportunities,” she said.

Melody says her favourite course during her degree was ‘Journalism in Sound’.

“Up until then I was planning on going into print media but this course taught me how vibrant the media is and as a result, I diversified my options for the future.

 “I had never expected to make videos after I graduated but I am currently working on a freelance contract to make videos for Condamine Alliance.

“People tell you that journalism is a career that can take you anywhere and it really is true,” she said.

Melody is a full-time journalist with Queensland Country Life.

“The media industry has undergone many changes in recent years and although finding a job can be tough it is a truly exciting time to be entering the business,” she said.

If you would like to find out more about Melody, visit her website or follow her on twitter @MelodyPedler.