UQ alumnus awarded the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship

29 Apr 2016

"I'm excited to wave a banner for Education and the Arts"

David Rawson graduated from UQ in 2012 with an honours degree in Communication and Cultural Studies. He is now in his fourth year of teaching at St Ursula’s College, Toowoomba, where his knowledge and passion are changing the lives of the students he teaches.

It was only in February this year that the School announced David Rawson's acheivement of being awarded the Fulbright Scholarship at Harvard University.

In recent days, we recieved the wonderful news that David has also been awarded Harvard's prestigious Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship.

This award funds David's time in the United States and enables him to network with a remarkable group of distinguised scholars. 

Only three of these are awarded to Australian students each year across all of the professional and graduate schools at Harvard, so this is a very high honour for David and we are delighted for him.