Social Media and News: A Roundtable discussion with A/Prof Vibodh Parthasarathi

Date: Wednesday 9 May, 2018
Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Room 827, 
Michie Builing (#9), UQ St Lucia

This roundtable with Vibodh Parthasarathi will allow those interested in the study and practice of journalism in the School to intersect with this leading figure in the field. How is the Platform Press evolving internationally? What parallels and lessons are there to be drawn from Indian social media use and its intersection with Australian news and social media use? How are the powerful multinational social media platforms that are reforming media and communication globally doing so in the world’s largest democracy? Parthasarathi is the co-author of two major Reuters Institute of Journalism at Oxford University reports, Indian Newspapers’ Digital Transition (2016) and Indian News Media and the Production of News in the Age of Social Discovery (2017). This will allow School staff and graduate students to intersect with Prof Parthasarathi and explore prospects of further cooperation. It also renews the regular conversations about journalism and its future that has been such an important part of the School in years gone by while contributing to the School’s efforts to internationalize its curriculum.

A/Prof Vibodh Parthasarathi is currently a visiting fellow in IASH where he is working with A/Prof Adrian Athique on an ambitious project (with Oxford University Press) to reformulate the study of Indian media and communications .  Parthasarathi has a multidisciplinary interest in media policy, creative industries, and policy literacy. An Associate Professor at the Centre for Culture, Media, and Governance at Jamia Millia Islamia, his ongoing research focuses on digital migration across media sectors and devising a Media Diversity Index for India. His work has attracted support from the Ford Foundation, Social Science Research Council, India New Zealand Education Council, HIVOS, Indian Council for Social Science Research, Canada’s IDRC, India Foundation for the Arts, and Open Society Foundation. A founding board member of the Centre for Internet and Society, he serves on the boards of the Media Foundation, the India Open Data Association, and the All India Communication & Media Association. His double-volume The Indian Media Economy (2018, edited with Adrian Athique & S.V Srinivas) was recently released by OUP.



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