Advanced research courses

Advanced research courses are an amazing opportunity for high-achieving students seeking a challenge that befits their aspirations. The courses encourage students to independently manage a research project that encourages them to expand upon their research and critical analysis skills beyond their basic understanding.

Some of these course codes can also be utilised to undertake an industry placement. For more information, please visit internships, field trips and placements. 

How to Apply:

  1. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria (including GPA requirements).
  2. Before the Semester of enrolment, devise a plan for your research project.
  3. Browse our list of academic staff members, and seek approval from a staff member for supervision. 
  4. Complete the application form, found here
  5. Await approval from the School.
  6. After permission is granted, enrol in the course via SI-net before the start of semester.