High-achieving students have the opportunity to undertake an Advanced Research course as part of their degree.  These courses allow students to test their research and critical analysis skills in a sustained independent research project, tailored to their particular interests.

(*these course codes can also be utilised to undertake an Industry placement.  Please visit here for further information).

How to Apply:

  1. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria (including GPA requirements).
  2. Before the semester of enrolment, devise a plan for your research project.
  3. Peruse our list of academic staff members, and seek approval from staff member for supervision: https://communication-arts.uq.edu.au/team/academic. 
  4. Complete the application form, found here
  5. Await approval from the School.
  6. After permission is granted, enrol in the course via SI-net before the start of semester.