Coping with eco-anxiety: A guided journal trial

Presented by: Dr Ans Vercammen and Dr Skye Doherty

Date: Friday 22 September 2023
Time: 12-1pm
Location: Online via Zoom and in-person at the SCA Writer's Studio (Level 6, Michie Building)


Eco-anxiety describes the existential dread associated with the observation or direct experience of irrevocable environmental damage due to climate change. A recent survey of >10,000 young people found that 45% said it affected their daily functioning, and 75% noted that the future is frightening. Eco-anxiety can affect overall mental health and wellbeing if the individual does not have sufficient support or coping skills to make sense of this experience. In this talk, we will describe how a guided journaling intervention might help young people process their climate-related feelings and potentially turn anxiety into action. We used an existing journal co-designed by young people in the UK as a basis to explore local experiences and novel design ideas for addressing eco-anxiety among Australian youth. We will discuss the preliminary findings and highlight emerging recommendations for a support tool that meets the needs of the local communities.


Ans Vercammen is a research psychologist and conservation social scientist. Her work is interdisciplinary and focuses on the human dimensions of environmental change. Most recently she has been studying psychological responses to climate change, and the nexus between climate change and mental health.

Skye Doherty is a design researcher in the School of Communication and Arts. She uses creative methods to explore alternative futures and address wicked problems. She has worked on projects in journalism, law, education, and energy, among others and her work has led to both conceptual and practical outcomes.


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Hybrid: Online via Zoom and in person at the
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Online via Zoom and in-person at the SCA Writer's Studio (Level 6, Michie Building)