Journalism at UQ has particular strengths in communication and social change; political communication and discourse; media representations of ethnic minorities, refugees, Indigenous people and less privileged people; citizen journalism; media ethics; visual journalism and the impact of social media.

We are a distinguished group of scholars and high-level, experienced media practitioners, who bring intellectual rigor as well as hands-on-experience to our research. Our area is actively engaged in developing new knowledge and in applying this knowledge to real-world situations, which makes our academics outstanding teachers and researchers.

Research in the affiliated Centre for Communication and Social Change (CSC) adds depth to our research priorities and enables the investigation of communication processes, techniques and media to facilitate social, economic and technological development. The underpinning philosophy of CSC is that communication is not simply about transferring information and sending messages, but rather about listening, responding to, and helping people give direction to their own change, and supporting enabling environments for this change to take place.

Journalism maintains strong industry links particularly with the ABC, Cole Lawson, Feehan Communications, Senioragency Australia, Woodridge State High School, ACCESS Logan, Queensland Media Club, and Brisbane Writer's Festival.

  • Dr Skye Doherty

    Senior Lecturer
    School of Communication and Arts
    Senior Lecturer
    Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
    Affiliate Research Fellow of School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
    School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Dr Caroline Graham

    Lecturer in Digital Journalism
    School of Communication and Arts
  • Dr Richard Murray

    School of Communication and Arts
  • Associate Professor Levi Obijiofor

    Associate Professor
    School of Communication and Arts