Staff Learning and Development

UQ promotes a culture of continuous learning and performance improvement. We provide resources designed to support staff development and training. 

Staff Development encourages all staff to further develop their careers and professional goals with training and mentoring by offering impactful staff development courses. The staff development program includes courses that focus on skill development and career enhancement, which can be taken at your (and your supervisor's) discretion. 

Staff training can be accessed through Workday. Learning guides for Employees and Managers are available to help staff navigate, enrol and drop courses in Workday. Mandatory training and various other online training is still available for UQ affliates, controlled entities and contractors through Learn.UQ.

All new staff need to complete mandatory training. Depending on your area or role, you may also be required to complete additional training. Ask your supervisor what training is required for your specific role. It's the responsibility of staff and supervisors to ensure that you undertake the appropriate courses for your role and/or function. 


Mandatory Courses

The following is a list of mandatory courses to be completed by all UQ staff (see below exceptions for casual staff). Additionally, Supervisor Work Health and Safety Responsibilities is mandatory for all supervisors (Professional and Academic) who manage staff and/or students.

Casual staff are advised to discuss with their supervisor to determine which courses are mandatory based on duties inherent to their role. At a minimum and unless exceptional circumstances apply, it is expected that all casual staff complete the four courses listed in the ‘Casual staff completion required’ column below.

HDR candidates are required to undertake mandatory training. For further information and a list of mandatory HDR courses, please visit the Graduate School website.

Recommended Courses 

People and Culture

Other Training Providers 

Staff may also access training courses offered by other providers, both within and outside UQ. Approval from your Manager is required, before enrolling into a course run by other providers. During this discussion with your Manager confirm who will pay the course fees. You can add external training to your Workday profile. 

Please see below list of some external providers:

Queensland Ambulance First Aid Training
St John Ambulance
UQ Sport
Mental Health First Aid Australia

For further advice on how to find other training providers, contact

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) 

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) give you (usually free) online access to a broad range of courses offered by leading universities from around the world.

All available courses
Courses run by UQ

LinkedIn Learning   

LinkedIn Learning is available through Workday. From Learning Home, go to Browse function which sits under the Explore the Learning Catalogue. You can filter the Content Provider to LinkedIn Learning. There is over 6000 On Demand Courses available which all UQ staff can access to enhance their technology and professional skills. These courses don't require enrollment and can be paused and resumed as required. 


Leadership Development at UQ

At UQ, we recognise that leaders can be born, but more often they must be made. As an organisation, we strive for a culture of leadership that is collaborative, respectful, and inclusive.

We promote leadership that supports individuals and teams to do their best work in service of our broader UQ community, at all levels throughout the University. 

Learning to Lead

Designed for aspiring leaders, providing foundational learning to lay the groundwork for those who are preparing to undertake their first leadership role. 

  • Eligibility: Professional staff HEW 4 to 6, and academic staff levels A to B


Leadership in Practice

Targeted toward first time or emerging people leaders, who are building their knowledge and skills, broadening their awareness of self, and enhancing their ability to lead others.

  • Eligibility: Professional staff HEW 6 to 8, and academic staff levels B to D, who currently have people leadership responsibilities


Leading UQ

Our flagship program, Leading UQ, is designed for experienced leaders who are consolidating their approach to leadership, challenging their perspective, expanding their self-awareness, and optimising their leadership practice.

  • Eligibility: Professional staff HEW 9 to 10, and academic staff level D and E, who have portfolio leadership responsibilities


Early-Career Academic Development Program

The Early-Career Academic Development Program is designed to help you transition from being a leading academic to an academic leader.


UQ Career Progression for Women Program (CPW)

This program is designed for academic women at Level C who are actively pursuing career development within UQ. It provides participants with the opportunity for both personal and professional growth and helps them to clarify and pursue their career goals in an academic environment.


UQ Promoting Women Fellowships (PFW)

This fellowship aims to increase the percentage of women at Senior Lecturer level and above, and to facilitate the career progression of academic women. Funding is available to provide relief from teaching, administrative or other duties, providing the opportunity to complete research, publications, or demonstrate leadership through undertaking a special project or program of work, so you can be appropriately prepared in your application for promotion.


UQ Career Advancement for Senior Academic (CASA)

This program is designed to assist high calibre academic women advance in their careers. It is targeted at senior women at Academic Level D wishing to progress to Professorial level. The program aims to broaden participants' understanding of leadership in a global academic context; leverage off existing leadership strengths to build great capacity to lead strategically; increase knowledge of the university professorial promotion process and provides a gender frame of reference to academic leadership. 




Unconscious Bias

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    A sustainable event takes measures to minimise its environmental impact by adopting best management practices.