Undergraduate / Honours Scholarships and Prizes

A variety of scholarships and prizes are available to students within the School of Communication and Arts. The values, requirements, and application procedures of these awards vary greatly, and students are urged to study the list carefully to determine those most appropriate to their plans and achievements. For postgraduate scholarships and prizes click here.

The Cole Lawson Scholarship 

 This scholarship was established in 2009, and is awarded to an outstanding communication student enrolled in the Bachelor of Communication or associated duals. It has motivated our PR/communication students to strive for excellence in academic work and to pursue a career in public relations and communications.

Previous School winners:

  • 2023 Kacy Miaco
  • 2021: Naomi Lewis  
  • 2020: Jessica Cuskelly
  • 2019: Odette Miller
  • 2018: Laura Kane 
  • 2017: Laura Sinclair
  • 2016: Natalie Fortuna
  • 2015: Stephanie Brownlee
  • 2014: Natassja Bertram
  • 2013: Tara Roberson
  • 2012: Tania McPherson
  • 2011: Hannah Lucas
  • 2010: Rebecca Brown and Lily Howe

The Kingshott Cassidy Scholarship Award 

 The Kingshott Cassidy Poetry Scholarship Award was established in 2010 by a bequest from the estate of Dorothy Susan Cassidy who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1980 and a Master of Arts in 1986. Applications are invited from undergraduates who are currently enrolled in a UQ undergraduate program; have completed at least 2 units of poetry courses; can provide evidence of financial need; and have not previously been the recipient of the award. 

Previous School winners:

  • 2023: Michelle Sands (1) Ella Kratzer (2)
  • 2022: Darby Jones
  • 2021: Helen Gearing
  • 2020: Helena Turner
  • 2019: Imogene Bourke
  • 2018: Samuel Lennon
  • 2017: Nicholas Van Buuren
  • 2016: Torrey Atkin
  • 2014: Taylor-Jane Wilkshire
  • 2013: Reuben McGeever-Yeates
  • 2012: Jeremy Thompson
  • 2011: Zenobia Frost

Paula and Tony Kinnane Art History Scholarship

The Paula and Tony Kinnane Art History Scholarship was established to support students undertaking undergraduate studies in art history.

The scholarship was established in 2017 and is maintained by the income of a perpetual endowment fund from a bequest to The University of Queensland under the will of Paula Ruth Kinnane, who graduated from The University of Queensland in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

The scholarship recognises Paula and Tony Kinnane, who were lifetime lovers of art, art galleries, and collecting art for their own pleasure.

Paula Ruth Kinnane (died 2014) was an alumna of UQ (BA 1991) and a supporter of the UQ Art Museum and School of Music. Following her death, The University of Queensland received a generous bequest to assist students in regional areas through access to higher education in the arts. The Paula and Tony Kinnane Art History Scholarship, named for her and her late husband, Tony Kinnane (died 2011), is one of the activities funded from that bequest.

Previous School winners:

  • 2023 Alex Chadwick and Megan Gardner 

Clare Atkinson Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship was established in 2017 and maintained by gifts from many donors in memory of the dearly missed Clare Atkinson.

The Clare Atkinson Memorial Scholarship will empower journalism students to dive headfirst into the industry, make the most of the profound impact they can have on our public discourse. It supports students who demonstrate the commitment to journalism that Clare displayed throughout her life.

Laurie Hergenhan Scholarship in Australian Literary Studies

The Laurie Hergenhan Scholarship in Australian Literary Studies was established in 2019 under the Create Change Scholarship Match Initiative and is maintained by the Laurie Hergenhan Scholarship Endowment fund.

UQ Winter/Summer Research Scholarship 

 This scholarship sees an outstanding student attached to a research project within the school.

The Steele Rudd Memorial Prize

Awarded annually based on the school's recommendation to the student who has written the best essay in the course  ENGL3100 Australian Literature. $100 to be used for books is awarded.

Previous School winners:

  • 2023: Georgia Perissinotto
  • 2022 Brianna Merriman
  • 2021: Jasmine Collison 
  • 2020: Samantha Hammond
  • 2019: Zoe Jeffrey
  • 2018: Nicholas van Buuren
  • 2017: Hannah Woods
  • 2016: Matthew Miers
  • 2015: Isabel Prior
  • 2014: Jarred Turner
  • 2013: Tui Trezise
  • 2012: Danielle Merrett
  • 2011: Jessica Lydiard
  • 2010: Briony Lipton
  • 2009: Sarah Boothroyd

The Lizzie Heal-Warry Prize

Awarded annually, based on the school's recommendation, to the female student who, not having already been awarded the prize, obtains the highest mark in a first-year literature course. A cheque to the value of approximately $120 to be used for books was first awarded in 2008.

Previous School winners:

  • 2023: Pantea Safa
  • 2022: Eleanor Shaw
  • 2021: Hannah Rae
  • 2020: Candice Wehr
  • 2019: Brianna Merriman
  • 2018: India Oswin
  • 2017: Hannah Woods
  • 2016: Recca Pheonix
  • 2015: Chelsea Lyall
  • 2014: Jemimah Thompson
  • 2013: Isabel Prior
  • 2012: Harriet O'Hare
  • 2011: Jessica Lydiard
  • 2010: Christabel Hough
  • 2009: Sarah Hegarty

The Ford Memorial Prize

The Ford Memorial Prize was founded in 1916 by a gift of $200 from the Queensland United Licensed Victuallers' Association in memory of Lieutenant S.K. Ford and Corporal T.W. Ford, brothers, both of whom lost their lives in the defence of the Empire.   

The award is open to undergraduate students who have not been twice awarded the prize. The best poem in English (published or unpublished) will be selected as the winner.  The value of the prize varies each year and is designated as books. 

All entries are to include name, student number, phone contact, current postal address, and the program in which you are enrolled.

Previous School winners:

  • 2023: Inez Chong
  • 2022: Emily Winter
  • 2021: Sharlene Allsopp
  • 2020: Nuala Beahan
  • 2019: None awarded
  • 2018: Drew Pavlou
  • 2016: Nicholas van Buuren
  • 2015: Mimi Arent 
  • 2014: None awarded
  • 2013: Leith Reid
  • 2012: None awarded
  • 2011: Jeremy Thompson
  • 2010: Kirk Graham
  • 2009: Zenobia Frost

The Journalism Prize

Awarded annually to an undergraduate student enrolled in the Bachelor of Journalism program with the highest GPA for 16 units listed under the heading 'Group 2' in the course list for the program.

Previous School winners:

  • 2023: Grace Nakamura
  • 2022: Crispian Yeomans
  • 2021: Trisha Danitiani Husada
  • 2020: Zoe McDonald
  • 2019: Jacqueline Pon
  • 2018: Tobias Jurss-Lewis
  • 2016: Kaikane Hayes
  • 2015: Aimee Hourigan and Jesse Thompson
  • 2014: Ashley Mackinnon

The Thomas Morrow Prize

Awarded annually to an undergraduate student who writes the best essay on a topic from one of the following fields: Australian literature, Australian exploration and history, or scientific inquiry in Australia. In the years where the prize is to be awarded to a Communication and Arts Student (every third year), essays written as part of Australian literature courses are considered.  

Previous School winners:

  • 2020: Samantha Hammond
  • 2017: Simon Munro
  • 2014: Onjawli Chakravarty and Rachel Harris
  • 2011: Sally Olds and Daniel Dixon
  • 2008: Alexandra Dellios
  • 2005: Brian Blackwell

The Brisbane School of Arts Prizes

Awarded annually based on the school's recommendation. Prize 1 is awarded to the student who has obtained more than 16 units (and not more than 32 units) towards completion of a Bachelor of Arts by the end of the year of award, with at least 8 units in that year for advanced courses offered by the school with the greatest proficiency. Prize 2 is awarded to the student who has completed the requirement of the Bachelor of Arts pass degree and obtained at least a major (16 units) in courses offered by the school with the greatest proficiency.

Previous School winners:

  • 2023: Emma Utashiro (1), Thomas Lewis (2)
  • 2022: Roseleigh Priest (1), Casey Gilbert (2)
  • 2021: Geraldine Porter (1) and Samantha Hammond (2)
  • 2020: Lucy Turner (1) and Lillian Rangiah (2) 
  • 2019: Thea Blaskovich (1) and India Oswin (2) 
  • 2018: India Oswin (1) and Suneha Lal (2) 
  • 2017: Imogene Bourke (1) and Damien Maher & Jarred Turner (2)
  • 2016: Chloe Mabb (1) and Geoffrey Hondroudakis (2)
  • 2015: Geoffrey Hondroudakis (1) and Danielle Merrett (2)
  • 2014: Bronte Anthony (1) and Georgina Sharouni (2)
  • 2013: Jacob Warren (1) and Jessica Lydiard (2) 
  • 2012: Ellen Cattach (1) and Katherine Valenta (2) 
  • 2011: Sally Olds (1) and Katherine Valenta (2) 
  • 2010: Jean Skeat (1) and Carolina Caliaba Crespo (2) 
  • 2009: Qian Rong Pua (1&2) 

The Valerie Joy Prize in Film and Television Studies

Awarded annually to an outstanding undergraduate student enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts or associated duals, who is majoring in Film and Television Studies.

Previous School winners:

  • 2023: Emily Davis and Evangeline Pritchard (1), Bronte Kelly (2) Grace Watson and Ian West (3)
  • 2022 Catherine Li (1), Alexandra McFarland (2), Chelsea Malunga (3), Ethan Pratap (4), Lily Smith (5)
  • 2021:  Catherine Li
  • 2020: Lillian Rangiah
  • 2019: Meg Thomas
  • 2018: Olivia Ustariz
  • 2017: Sofia Mamonova
  • 2016: Rosaleen Shaw
  • 2015: Poppy Templeton
  • 2014: Danielle Merrett

Geoffrey Joseph Kuskie Prize in Poetry

(The prize was established in 2020 and is maintained by a bequest from the estate of the late Violet Kuskie, in memory of her husband Geoffrey Joseph Kuskie.) It is awarded to any undergraduate student enrolled at The University of Queensland based on the best essay on poetry. 

  • 2023: Andrew Millar
  • 2022: Lillian Ross

The George Essex Evans Scholarship 

This scholarship was established in 1972 by a bequest from the late Anne Basilea Valentina Evans in memory of her brother George Essex Evans. It assists an outstanding student to complete an honours program in English Literature or Drama. Applicants are expected to have shown outstanding ability in the field of Australian literature and culture, and should intend to continue in that field. Please email SCA_PGCoursework@uq.edu.au for further details.

Previous School  winners:

  • 2024: Brianna Merriman
  • 2023: None awarded
  • 2022: Jasmine Collison
  • 2021: Joy Chalaby
  • 2020: Samantha Schraag
  • 2018: Torrey Atkin
  • 2017: Anna Madill
  • 2016: Sean Mitchell
  • 2015: Annabelle Hazell
  • 2014: Mengki Norman
  • 2013: Sally Olds
  • 2012: Briony Lipton
  • 2011: Carolina Caliaba Crespo
  • 2010: Jami Acworth

The Kate McNaughton of Roma Scholarships

 Two scholarships are awarded annually to Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences students who complete a Bachelor of Arts degree and enrol in a Bachelor of Arts Honours program the following year. The school recommends recipients for these scholarshps to the faculty based on the record of each candidate throughout the program and the candidate's general suitability.

UQ Winter/Summer Research Scholarship 

 This scholarship sees an outstanding student attached to a research project within the school.

The Alrene Sykes Memorial Prize 

This prize was established in 1991 as a memorial to the late Alrene Sykes, who was formerly a Senior Lecturer in English at The University of Queensland. The prize is awarded annually, based on the school's recommendation, to a student writing a thesis in Australian literature or drama and who has a background in Australian literature or drama in their BA. It is maintained by the income from a fund subscribed to by relatives, former colleagues, professional drama associates, students and other friends together with an annual donation of books from UQ Press.

Previous School winners:

  • 2023: Leah Mustard
  • 2022: None awarded
  • 2021: Finnley Stott
  • 2020: Thomas Gunther
  • 2019: None awarded
  • 2018: None awarded
  • 2017: Karl Ricker
  • 2015: Rhumer Diball
  • 2014: Mengki Norman
  • 2013: Sally Olds
  • 2012: Claire Monsour
  • 2011:  Alice Richard
  • 2010: John Da Conceicao
  • 2009: Jill Carman

The Brisbane School of Arts Prizes 

Awarded annually based on the school's recommendation. Prize 3 is awarded to the student who completes the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) program with the greatest proficiency. The amount of each award is designated in books.

Previous School winners:

  • 2023: Emma Wall (3)
  • 2022: Samantha Hammond (3)
  • 2021: Joy Chalaby (3)    
  • 2020: India Oswin (3)
  • 2019: Nicholas van Buuren (3)
  • 2018: Scott Williams (3)
  • 2017: Damien Maher (3)
  • 2016: Simon Brigden (3)
  • 2015: Dominic O'Donnell (3)
  • 2014: Ellen Cattach (3)
  • 2013: Jean Skeat (3)
  • 2012: Kristian Radford (3)
  • 2011: Melanie Piper (3)
  • 2010: Joanna Luke (3)
  • 2009: Jill Carman (3)

The Donald Tugby Prize in Art History

 Awarded annually to a first-class honours student, majoring in Art History in the year of the award and submitting a thesis on Asia Pacific Art (excluding Australian art).

Previous School winners:

  • 2023: None awarded
  • 2022: None awarded
  • 2021: None awarded
  • 2020: None awarded
  • 2019: None awarded
  • 2018: None awarded
  • 2017: Lou-Anne Clancy
  • 2016: Michaela Bear
  • 2015: Alice-Anne Psaltis
  • 2014: Rachel King
  • 2013: Rebecca Joyce
  • 2012: Harriet Hunt