Past Honours student wins 2015 Stella Award

22 Apr 2015

Past UQ student Emily Bitto's novel The Strays recently won the 2015 Stella Prize valued at $50,000.  Set in 1930s Australia, The Strays tells the story of Eva and Lily, two young childhood friends who navigate the bohemian lifestyle of Eva's parents with ultimately tragic consequences. Bitto's writing is described as "supple and satisfying, her insights and extended metaphors worth lingering over."  

The Stella Prize is named for one of Australia's most acclaimed female authors Stella Maria Sarah 'Miles' Franklin and hopes to redress the perceived lack of female literary representation in Australia's media, and as major literary prize winners.  An extraordinary accomplishment for a first-time novelist, the Stella Prize will help to ensure that Emily Bitto will continue to produce creative works in the year's to come.

Further details can be found at The Guardian.