Journalism student Walkley finalist

29 May 2020


To  Bachelors of Journalism/Communication student – Nibir Khan who has recently been announced as a Walkley finalist for their mid-year awards.

The Walkley Awards are the pinnacle of achievement for any Australian journalist. With a rich 64-year history, the Walkley Awards now include 30 categories across all platforms, peer-judged with a two-tier process. No matter their era, Walkley Award-winning stories have always chronicled Australia’s history, people and events.

Nibir is one of three in the running for Student Journalist of the Year for his story on Families separated by the Rohingya refugee crisis.

UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communication Professor Peter Greste said he is immensely proud of Nibir’s achievement.

“This is a first-class piece of journalism in its own right, and Nibir deserves to be on that shortlist,” Professor Greste said.

“I am also really delighted to see that it came about as a result of his engagement with the ABC Pitch Project, which we developed to connect our students and their ideas with the national broadcaster,” he said.

“Nibir has taken that opportunity and produced an important, engaging story worthy of a Walkley.”

Nibir has also written a new piece for JacDigital's Untold Stories of COVID-19 SeriesThe Muslim world celebrates Eid al-Fitr amid global pandemic.

In response to the challenges associatied with reporting admid COVID-19, JacDigital coordinator Donald Johannessen said, "The JacDigital journalism students have produced quality broadcast content at a time with restricted access and resources during COVID-19. They stepped up and delivered in a timely manner and students like Nibir prove that journalism can be rewarding."

The School looks forward to watching Nibir continue to create change by reporting on the stories that matter. 

Jacdigital coordinator Don Johannessen and Professor Peter Greste speak to journalism student Nibir Khan: