This paper explores a number of visualisation tools at use in the theatre and performance field, including AusStage, IbsenStage, my own visualisation project, Ortelia, and several other tools. More specifically, it outlines the research potential that can emerge from using such tools to augment how we document, analyse, recover, and discuss performance. Digital tools and techniques have become invaluable in my own research on spatiality and location, reformulating research possibilities for me as they facilitate a better understanding of performance, theatrical activity, engagement, collaboration, and the movement of people and productions from one location to another, thus assisting to reinforce the spatial significance to theatre.

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Professor Joanne Tompkins

Joanne Tompkins is Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Queensland. She is the co-author of Post-Colonial Drama (with Helen Gilbert); Women’s Intercultural Performance (with Julie Holledge); and A Global Doll’s House: Ibsen and Distant Visions (with Holledge, Jonathan Bollen and Frode Helland); and author of Unsettling Space: Contestations in Contemporary Australian Theatre (2006) and Theatre’s Heterotopias: Performance and the Cultural Politics of Space (2014). She is co-editor, with Anna Birch, of Performing Site-Specific Theatre: Politics, Place, Practice (2012), and has co-edited special issues of Contemporary Theatre Review on site-specificity (with Birch) and on the politics and practices of editing (with Maria Delgado). She is editor of Theatre Journal. She has been involved with the database resource, AusStage, since its inception, and she has produced an interdisciplinary, innovative research tool called Ortelia to enable the analysis of theatre and gallery spaces through computer-based heritage visualisation.

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Writing and communicating about pandemics: 2020 School of Communication and Arts Research Seminar Series

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Semester 1, 2020 Seminars & Workshops


Friday, 13 March

Literature as Media: Chinese Online Literature—Storytellers, platforms and transmedia literary world

(Part of the Platform Media: Algorithms, Accountability and Media Design EVENTS)

Dr Tony Xiang Ren, Western Sydney University, with A/Prof Kim Wilkins, Dr Helen Marshall & Emily Baulch

Friday, 27 March



Dr Cedric Courtois

Friday, 10 April


TBC Dr Beck Wise

Friday, 24 April



Dr Skye Doherty

Friday, 8 May


TBC Dr Andrea Bubenik

Friday, 22 May


TBC Dr Chris Hay

Friday, 5 June

Online via Zoom

Research Seminar - Imagining the End of the World: Writing the Apocalypse before Covid-19 Dr Helen Marshall

Friday, 3 July

Online via Zoom:

Research Seminar - Developing Disciplinary Literacies in Hybrid Classes

Dr Beck Wise



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