ARC Fellowships: When, Why and How

A/Prof Anna Johnston and Dr Jessica White

  • Friday 12 May
  • Room 601, Michie Building (#9)
  • 3pm - 4pm

Are you thinking of applying for ARC fellowships or do you want to learn more about the ARC fellowship schemes? If so, you will find this workshop very helpful! It addresses the questions of Why, When, and How to go for the various ARC Fellowship schemes, from the perspective of two current Fellows: DECRA Fellow Dr Jessica White and Future Fellow A/Prof Anna Johnston. Prior knowledge of the various schemes will be assumed, so that we can focus on strategies, projects, and grant rhetoric.

*Afternoon tea will be served in the kitchen area of level 6 of Michie building at the end of the session.

Associate Professor Anna Johnston is an ARC Future Fellow in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, and Associate Professor in English Literature in the School of Communication and Arts. Anna’s ARC Future Fellowship project is “The Laboratory of Modernity: Knowledge Formation and the Australian Settler Colonies (1788-1900).” For this 4-year project, Anna will analyse the production and circulation of colonial Australian knowledge through texts and their influence on European thought and modern social theory.

Dr Jessica White is an ARC DECRA Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Her project, 'From the Miniature to the Momentous: Georgiana Molloy, Life Writing and Environment in 1830s Western Australia' is an ecobiography that depicts the life of Western Australia botanist Georgiana Molloy (1805-1843), as well as the human and non-human lives with which she interacted.

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