ARC Applications: What I Wish I'd Known

Dr Kim Wilkins

  • Friday 5 May
  • Room 601, Michie Building (#9)
  • 3pm - 4pm

This session covers all of the things I wish I'd known before grappling with the ARC funding process. Do you need to compromise your brilliant ideas? Do you have to kiss your summer goodbye? Should you even submit? Does everybody in the world know more than you? How long are you allowed to feel sorry for yourself? Oh no they gave me money, now what!? I made all the mistakes so you don't have to.

*Afternoon tea will be served in the kitchen area of level 6 of Michie building at the end of the session.

Dr Kim Wilkins is the author of twenty-eight novels in a variety of genres, and has been published in twenty languages. She teaches in the field of writing, editing, and publishing, and researches in the fields of popular fiction, medievalism studies, and writing pedagogy.

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