Course Offerings


Course Code Course Name Convenor Email
ARTT1105 Art in the Modern World Dr Paolo Magagnoli
ARTT2105 Baroque and Beyond, 1600-1900 Amanda Van der Drift
ARTT2107 Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Dr Paolo Magagnoli
ARTT2200 Indigenous Art and Culture Field School A/Prof Sally Butler
ARTT3101 Topics in Contemporary Art Dr Amelia Barikin
AUST1000 Contemporary Australia Dr Melissa Harper
AUST2000 Australian Popular Culture Dr Sam Lindop
COMU1052 Introduction to Public Relations Caroline Wilson-Barnao
COMU1120 Media and Society Dr Natalie Collie
COMU1130 Connectivity and Culture Dr Daniel Angus
COMU1140 Multimedia TBA TBA
COMU1152 Public Relations Writing Dr Aparna Hebbani
COMU2120 Media Design Skye Doherty
COMU2150 Media and Identity TBA TBA
COMU2160 Communication Law and Ethics Dr John Harrison
COMU2170 Intercultural Communication TBA TBA
COMU2311 Communication for Social change A/Prof. Elske van de Fliert
COMU3005 Issues in Cultural Studies Dr Nina Li
COMU3100 Digital Project TBA TBA
COMU3110 Media Platforms Dr Nic Carah
COMU3130 Public Relations Project TBA TBA
COMU3801 Public Relations Internship Caroline Wilson-Barnao
DRAM1010 Drama: Space, Body & Genre Dr Chris Hay
DRAM2000 European Theatre from Renaissance to Revolution Dr Bernadette Cochrane
DRAM2040 Contemporary Theatre and Performance TBA TBA
DRAM3103 Topics in Theatre Research Dr Chris Hay
DRAM3105 Contemporary Theatre and Performance Dr Bernadette Cochrane
ENGL1500 Contemporary Literature A/Professor Bronwyn Lea
ENGL1900 The Birth of the Modern Professor Peter Holbrook
ENGL2040 Gothic Literature & Culture Dr Lisa O'Connell
ENGL2060 Introduction to Shakespeare Professor Peter Holbrook
ENGL2460 Poetry and Imagination TBA TBA
ENGL3500 Gender and Textuality Dr Margaret Henderson
ENGL3630 Critical Issues in Literature Dr Margaret Henderson
HUMN1201 Perspectives in Humanities Professor Peter Holbrook
JOUR1710 Journalistic Investigation Richard Murray
JOUR2221 International Journalism & Mass Communication Dr Levi Obijiofor
JOUR3122 Journalism Field Study Bruce Woolley
JOUR3401 Independent Study in Journalism & Communication Bruce Woolley
JOUR3801 Journalism Internship Bruce Woolley
MSTU1001 Introduction to Film & Television Studies Dr Ted Nannicelli
MSTU2006 Australian Cinema Dr Lisa Bode
MSTU2160 Film and Television History Dr Lisa Bode
MSTU3005 Critical Concepts in Film & TV Dr Ted Nannicelli
MSTU3012 Independent Media Research TBA TBA
WRIT1005 Fundamentals of Academic Writing TBA TBA
WRIT2000 Writing for the Professions TBA TBA
WRIT2100 Writing the Poem A/Professor Bronwyn Lea
WRIT3000 Writing: Advanced Project TBA TBA
WRIT3700 Publishing, Editing, and Authorship TBA TBA


Course Code Course Name Convenor Email
ARTT1106 Looking at Art A/Prof Sally Butler
ARTT2102 Renaissance & Baroque Art Dr Andrea Bubenik
ARTT2103 Australia Pacific Indigenous Arts A/Prof Sally Butler
ARTT2116 Art & Architecture in Venice Dr Andrea Bubenik
ARTT2127 Australian Art to the 1970s Dr Amelia Barikin
ARTT3117 Visual Arts Curating & Writing Holly Arden
ARTT3200 Art Internships & Independent Research A/Prof Sally Butler
AUST1000 Contemporary Australia Dr Robert Hogg
AUST2000 Australian Popular Culture Dr Melissa Harper
COMU1120 Media and Society Dr Nicholas Carah
COMU1140 Multimedia TBA TBA
COMU2030 Communication Research Methods A/Professor Kelly Fielding
COMU2130 News Analysis Dr Levi Obijifor
COMU2140 Digital Media Industries Professor Tom O'Regan
COMU2180 Media Strategies A/Professor Jane Johnston
COMU3120 Digital Analytics Dr Daniel Angus
COMU3140 Issues and Stakeholder Engagement Caroline Wilson-Barnao
COMU3222 Political Communication A/Prof Eric Louw
COMU3801 Public Relations Internship Caroline Wilson-Barnao
DRAM1000 Drama Performance Analysis Dr Richard Jordan
DRAM2030 Experimentation in 20C Theatre Dr Bernadette Cochrane
DRAM2040 Contemporary Theatre & Performance Dr Stephen Carleton
DRAM2310 Practices of Performance D Dr Stephen Carleton
DRAM3102 Dramaturgy & Playwriting Dr Stephen Carleton
DRAM3104 Industry Secondments & Industry Research Topics Dr Bernadette Cochrane
ENGL1800 Literary Classics Dr Jennifer Clement
ENGL2065 Jane Austen and her Influence Dr Judith Seaboyer
ENGL2100 Australian Literature: Traditions & Revisions Dr Roger Osborne
ENGL2405 Thinking about Literature: Criticism & Theory Dr Margaret Henderson
ENGL2440 The Novel: Realism, History, Fiction Dr Nicholas Heron
ENGL3012 & ENGL3013 Research Topic A & B Dr Margaret Henderson
ENGL3020 Journals, Repositories & Conferences Internship Kerry Kilner
ENGL3030 Adaptation Dr Ted Nannicelli
ENGL3610 Major Texts: Current Issues Professor Gillian Whitlock
GEND1010 Gender Matters A/Professor Liz MacKinlaye
GEND3001 Gender Research A/Prof Liz MacKinlay
JOUR1112 Reporting Dr Scott Downman
JOUR2000 Broadcast Journalism Bruce Woolley
JOUR2221 International Journalism & Mass Communication Dr Levi Obijiofor
JOUR3000 Data Journalism Dr Daniel Angus
JOUR3122 Field Study - Journalism & Communication Bruce Woolley
JOUR3222 Journalism Design Skye Doherty
JOUR3401 Independent Study in Journalism & Communication Dr Scott Downman
JOUR3801 Journalism Internship Bruce Woolley
MSTU2005 Film Movements & Genres A/Prof Jane Stadler
MSTU2008 Television & Popular Culture Dr Kate Warner
MSTU2140 Studies in Photography Dr Paolo Magagnoli
MSTU3012 Independent Media Research Dr Ted Nannicelli
MSTU3150 Recent Approaches to Film & Television Dr Ted Nannicelli
WRIT1110 Creative Writing: Narrative  Dr Veny Armanno
WRIT1200 Writing Creatively Dr Natalie Collie
WRIT2050 Creative Writing: Genre Fiction Dr Kim Wilkins
WRIT2250 Writing: Grammar, Syntax, and Style A/Professor Roslyn Petelin
WRIT3050 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction Dr Stuart Glover


Course Code Course Name Convenor Email
ARTT6050 Honours Seminar Dr Amelia Barikin
COMU6008 Topics in Journalism & Communication Studies A/Professor Adrian Athique
COMU6050 Honours Seminar Dr Ted Nannicelli
DRAM6050 Honours seminar Dr Bernadette Cochrane
ENGL6050 Honours seminar Dr Diana Barnes
ENGL6085 Research Methods Director of Honours TBA


Course Code Course Name Convenor Email
COMU7000 Communication for Social Change A/Prof Pradip Thomas
COMU7002 Communication Project Dr Kitty van Vuuren
COMU7013 Participatory Development Communication A/Prof Elske Van de Fliert
COMU7015 Communication for Social Change Practicum     A/Prof Elske Van de Fliert
COMU7292 Communication Research Methods Dr Shuang Liu
COMU7301 Communication Practice and Campaigns Dr Elena Block
COMU7311 International & Intercultural Communication Dr Shuang Liu
COMU7500 Communication and Accountability Dr John Harrison
COMU7777 Media, Communication and the Environment Dr Kitty van Vuuren
WRIT6055 Writing Creative Non-Fiction and Memoir Dr Stuart Glover
WRIT6110 Writing the Story Dr Veny Armanno
WRIT7005 Research Techniques Dr Josephine Robertson
WRIT7015 Issue in Contemporary Publishing Dr Kim Wilkins
WRIT7030 Professional Communication A/Professor Roslyn Petelin
WRIT7040 Individual Project/Fieldwork Dr Kim Wilkins
WRIT7045 Individual Project Dr Kim Wilkins
WRIT7050 Research for Fiction Meggan Vann
WRIT7080 Special Research Topic Dr Kim Wilkins
WRIT7100 Dissertation Dr Kim Wilkins
WRIT7220 Introduction to Science Communication Dr Kitty van Vuuren
WRIT7250 Advanced Writing: Grammar, Syntax, and Style A/Professor Roslyn Petelin