Forum: What can the humanities tell us about COVID-19?

24 July 2020 10:00am12:00pm
The University of Queensland (UQ) is bringing together leaders in humanities research and their wealth of expertise to offer a dynamic online forum which will provide important insights into the COVID-19 crisis.

Creativity in the time of COVID-19

18 June 2020 6:00pm7:00pm
In the midst of a global pandemic and upheaval that comes with it, creative pursuits can be impeded by uncertainty, anxiety and isolation. How can one write about the world when it looks so different than it did a few months ago?

Research Seminar - Imagining the End of the World: Writing the Apocalypse before COVID-19

5 June 2020 12:00pm1:00pm
What can the Middle Ages teach us about acknowledging the fragility of our own lives in a time of great uncertainty? And how can creative practice help us translate those understandings? Dr Helen Marshall presents.

CSC Exchange: everyday practices of women and climate change adaptation

22 April 2020 12:00pm1:00pm
The latest Centre for Communication and Social Change CSC Exchange series will be hosted via Zoom. 

Can an investigation of women's everyday practices in responding to climate change effects help to understand social change? This study will try to describe the links between climate change adaptation, gender and power through the lens of social practice concepts.

Presented by: Debashish Dev who is involved in the teaching profession and works extensively in the field of agricultural communication and rural development.

Literature as Media: Chinese Online Literature—Storytellers, platforms and transmedia literary world (CANCELLED)

13 March 2020 2:00pm4:00pm
In this seminar Tony Xiang Ren will begin by presenting a paper on emerging cultural and industrial practices of Chinese Online Literature in the age of platformisation and transmediality. Chinese Online Literature started to boom in the 1990s and has evolved into a large scale, born-digital, publishing and transmedia entertainment industry. This storytelling industry has disrupted the established literary system. It further explores the paradoxical roles of platforms in the liberalisation of literature and the commercialisation of participatory literary production in the Chinese context. The paper highlights the changing practices of platforms, storytellers and fans in a transmedia and transcultural literary world and the interplay between the Chinese and global models of online publishing. After his presentation a panel consisting of A/Prof Kim Wilkins, Dr Helen Marshall and Emily Baulch will respond drawing on their experience of English language publishing dynamics and its transmedial and platformising literary worlds.

2020 Daphne Mayo Public Lecture

12 March 2020 5:15pm8:00pm
To honour and commemorate the life of one of Queensland’s most prominent artists and arts educators, the School of Communication and Arts at The University of Queensland, has established the biennial Daphne Mayo Visiting Professorship in Visual Culture.

In 2020 Professor Murray Smith will be presenting the Daphne Mayo Public Lecture entitled: Remain in Light: Philosophical Naturalism, Aesthetic Value, and Cultural Crosstalk.

Digital publishing in China: Disruption, convergence and re-conceptualisation (CANCELLED)

12 March 2020 4:00pm5:00pm
Digital publishing is broadly defined in industry and policy contexts in China as including eBooks, digital newspapers, mobile publishing, blogging, internet advertising, digital music, online games, online animation and online education. According to the 2017/8 Annual Report of the Chinese Digital Publishing Industry, the total digital publishing revenue is 833 billion RMB (AU$ 170 billion), but the sectors closely related to print publishing like eBooks only account for 1.03%. What does this broad digital content system mean for publishers? What are the new opportunities in the age of disruption and convergence? And what are the unique digital publishing practices in China? In this lecture, I will give you a brief introduction of China’s digital publishing transformation through the case studies of initiatives in eBooks, audiobooks, social reading and transmedia adaptation. I will also discuss how China’s digital publishing innovation shed new light on the global understanding of publishing futures and the new opportunities for Australian publishers and writers in China’s emergent digital content markets. This seminar will be presented by Dr Tony Xiang Ren, University of Western Sydney and is timed so Writing, Editing and Publishing students are able to attend.
Consorting with Film Characters

Talk: Consorting with Film Characters

11 March 2020 6:00pm7:00pm
Join Professor Murray Smith from the University of Kent, UK, who will discuss the vast space of character design, within which there is room enough for the comic and the dramatic, the realist and the reflexive, the good, the bad, the ugly, and all points in between. Co-presented with the School of Communications and Arts, University of Queensland, this talk will be followed by a free screening of Chloé Zhao's The Rider 2017.

CSC Exchange - Rural Community Radio for Women Empowerment

11 March 2020 12:00pm1:00pm
Presented by Doreen Busolo, this seminar exchange session will discuss if rural community radio contributes to the delivery of political, economic and social empowerment for women in Kenya. This study will also investigate the role of radio in communication for social change.

Research Seminar – Digital Workshops of the World: Software, Source Code and Skills Migration in the Global VFX Industries

28 February 2020 2:00pm4:00pm
Over the last three decades, a network of globally distributed digital visual effects (VFX) companies have arisen from Hollywood’s traditional base in Los Angeles. What started out as a branch of computer sciences and their IT industry correlates hybridized into entities that are neither ‘inside’ the Hollywood studios traditional financial structures, nor entirely outside the value chains attached to Hollywood’s film output. The global VFX industries have functioned as networks of precarious creative industries, offering work for hire on a film by film, contract by contract basis. All of this has led to an industry defined by the migration of labour to an extent that has dwarfed even traditional Hollywood production.

First Year Bootcamp - Journalism and Communication Students

28 February 2020 9:00am1:00pm
Are you a first year Journalism or Communication student?
Make sure to register for our 1st Year Bootcamp where you will learn everything you need to know about radio, video and digital media! It is also a great way to meet new friends in your program!

We have some great prizes to give away and will be providing a free BBQ!
International Welcome Celebration

Welcome Celebration: International Student Mixer

27 February 2020 5:00pm7:00pm
Want to know why we love UQ and life in Brisbane? Come along to our Welcome Celebration.
You can meet new friends, learn more about your program, and discuss job opportunities with School experts and other international students.

Visualising Data: From Astrodata to Energy with A/Prof Leon Gurevitch

27 February 2020 11:00am12:30pm
Hear Dr Leon Gurevitch talk through three main data visualisation projects undertaken in the last ten years including the unexpected positive outcomes and challenges to visualising data across different subject matters and industries.